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About the artist:


Ginka was born and raised in Bulgaria and it was where she received her education in fine art. She started drawing and painting at an early age of eight after key people in her life realized she had a natural talent for art. It was then that her parents found her a private tutor to further her skill and talent. Ginka also went to college where she further honed in her skill. Since then she has sold numerous paintings and drawings in Bulgaria.

However, she was forced to put a halt to her art in the 1990’s when Bulgaria’s economy fell under a severe depression. The depression was very hard and so she moved her family to Cyprus in hopes of better opportunities. After a couple of years living in Cyprus, Ginka knew that she wanted to move her family to the land of endless opportunities. She was able to fulfill that dream and in early 1997 she moved her family to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ginka is currently a REALTOR in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, she never forgot her passion for art and so she has continued to create her own masterpieces in her spare time.

Types of paintings and drawings:

Ginka loves to draw with black pencil, color pencil, black ink and paint with watercolor and oil. Using a pallet knife and oil is her most favorite because it lets her be more creative.

Ginka continuously works to improve her art. “The best artist needs to always explore new ways to master their skill,” says Ginka.

Memberships and Affiliations:

Member of Boulder City Art Guild

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